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Reviews for Maple Eastlake Apartments

Posted On: 5/20/2021

Highly recommended

Nice spacious apartment
By: MyAnne Bennett     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 6/12/2020

Maple Park

This apartment is very quiet, and private. I know most of my neighbors, but we are hardworking people so we only see each other in passing or if we truly make an effort to knock on someone's door. The bad thing about here is, the very pungent odor that emits daily, once we enter the front door. Very disgusting odor, we have to cover our noses and bolt..if we have grocery bags then we hold our breaths and hope not to pass out. The carpet is disgusting, I think it's the original carpet that's on the floor, they vacuum every Monday, but NO ONE seems to realize that the 1845 year old carpet needs replacing! It would be nice if we had our own pay-to-wash system so we don't have to walk to the other apartment to put money on our wash card. During the winter we have to bundle up just to walk to the apartment down the street, to load money on our wash-card, very inconvenient. parking is fair, and on a first come first serve basis. Management just paved the driveway, and parking is a winner! The staff is excellent. Dwight, the apartment maintenance gentleman is very professional; courteous, and very thoughtful. Maintenance, is on time, things are repaired timely, (I think they just forgot to replace our broken closet door) but otherwise they are prompt. Once an order is submitted someone calls, or shows up. Connie our apartment manager is wonderful. She checked in on all her tenants, during the virus outbreak and made sure she heard each person. I don't have a view from my window, but I do see and hear birds, and lots of trees...I wish they didn't paint the shower and tub, because the latex paint it peels and sticks to our faces and body, it's all over. The up keep of the outside grounds is great! The landscape is immaculate. If I was to choose one thing about this apartment, it would be the staff. Way to go Maple Parks staff! Dwight and Connie are true Rock Star!
By: Chris Morgan     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 8/18/2019

Air Conditioner

Thanks for the quick service on fixing my AC. Went out thursday, reported it thursday night and friday it was fixed. I live on the second floor and with the expected temperatures around 90 this weekend my place would not have been livable without the AC! Thanks again for the great service on this issue.
By: Robert Lesler   
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